Canned Heat with Guest Kim Wilson
Sausalito Art Festival
September 08, 2009

Audience Recording--near right side stack about 30 feet back, outdoor event.
Lineage: Sound Professionals Mic, Edirol R-09 (24bit 48khz), cool edit pro 2 major clip restoration preset,
downsampling, and tracking), DBPowerAmp (wav to flac), Traders Little Helper (Fingerprint file), You.

Taped and mastered by mrbenson, aka, E.J. Green

Ok people, this set SMOKES! Such a great performance....Harvey Mandel's feature and Kim Wilson's harmonica on Let's
Work Together add up to some seriously *sick* bits! Oh, and how about 20 plus minutes plus of Canned Heat Boogie?
My recording was clipped in a few spots, but I fixed it pretty well (I think to my ears) with Cool Edit Pro 2.
If you listen and think you can do better, please be my guest, I will gladly supply you with the raw master. If
this one doesn't move you, you are already dead...

1. Bullfrog Blues
2. On the Road Again
3. ?
4. Amphetamine Annie
5. Going Up the Country
6. Psychedelic Gospel
7. Let's Work Together
8. Canned Heat Boogie