Band: Canned Heat
Venue: Event.Center
City: Hohenems
Country: Austria
Date: Saturday, July 23rd 2011
Bootleg Title: Going up the Ländle
Taper: HighVoltage
Recording Equipment: Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder
Mic Position: in front of my chest, underneath my T-shirt
Location: ~4th row, middle
Recorder Settings: Mic Sens low, Low Cut off, Mic Zoom Set wide
Opening for Status Quo
Audience: ~4000

Lineage: internal Mics -> Olympus LS-10 (PCM WAV 44.1kHz/16bit) , -> PC -> Nero Wave Editor -> FLAC Level 6

Edits: general volume adaption, special volume reduction on the first 2 songs, equalizer, fade-in & fade out, cut out of some short clips (of audience screams or silence) between songs, track split, flac level 6

WRL (Woodstock Reunited Lineup):
- Adolfo "Fito" de la Parra: drums, voc (on tracks 2, 4, 7)
- Larry "The Mole" Taylor: bass, slide guitar
- Harvey "The Snake" Mandel: lead guitar
plus Dale Spalding: (clean) guitar / bass / harp / voc

Special Notes:
The gig was in Hohenems, which is in Vorarlberg, the most Western province in Austria, which is also called "Ländle" by its citizens (deriving from 'Land', meaning country/countryside)... So for the bootleg title I thought I'd slightly modify the title of Canned Heat's famous song.

Dale welcomes the crowd with "Alles klar....ja?!....Say yeah!" ("Everything ok...yes?!"), and Fito says "Yeah...I feel good tonight....Austrian wine, apple Strudel [pie]...").
However, while delivering a blistering set, he didn't seem to feel that good after the gig, as they were scheduled from about 8pm to 9pm, and at 8:45 (about half an hour into their set, during 'Red hot Mama' - they came on a little later and started at about 8:15) he was given a sheet with a note telling them how much time was left. So they had to cut short their set a bit. All in all, they played about 45 minutes, which is just the amount they reportedly also played last year in Bonn, Germany, when they were opening for Status Quo, too. They really 'heated up' (pardon the pun - intended, however) the crowd, and I think the audience definately would have called for an encore if it wasn't for the strict time table (Status Quo also had to finish at 11 pm, which a security guy told us in the afternoon....and they just did so. So a rather short, but nonetheless blistering set by the Heat, who were very well received.
They were apparently booked just a few weeks before the show (they were playing another gig in Austria just the day before, and were scheduled for another one a few days later in Switzerland), as there was no mention of a support group on the tickets, on the Quo homepage or advertisement posters around the town. Only hint was on the Canned Heat homepage about 3 weeks before the gig, and on the venue's homepage (and subsequently, on several other 'local' homepages). When I bought the ticket for the gig with just Quo in my mind, I was almost jumping off my seat in joy when I checked the Canned Heat homepage realizing that they were opening! In general, a rather good choice by the organizers as the audience reaction proved.
After the first song, Fito thanks the audience with "Dankeschön, thank you very much... Welcome to the show, welcome!" After 'Time was' Fito mentiones the time restrictions the first time by saying "...we have shorter time than we are supposed to, but we don't care..." When introducing 'Going up the country' Fito says "Remember a little Woodstock times.....Woodstock times without the LSD" and Dale asks "What'd you mean without LSD?" to which he replies "Well, we don't have any LSD here" and Dale asks the audience "Anybody got any?!". Fito continues "Ok, we gonna take you all back to up the country, just like around here!" After "So sad (The World's in a Tangle)" Dale says "Woohoo...thank you...Dankeschön" and then Fito says "Thank you very much, thank you, this is so kind, great audience" and again mentiones the fact that "we have to cut our set short, we're going to respect that fact, because we have another group and I think they got a curfew!" and then "But before we say goodbye we wanna sing that song, that was the greatest hit here in Austria....and the greatest hit in Europe, too (...)" During the drum beat of the intro Dale introduces all band members and then says "We gonna work together one time!"

How to identify my recording: Before the first song, someone near me says "Sie wirken ein bisschen unsorganisiert..." ("They seem to be a little desorganized") ... There were some minor technical issues / wrong settings of the instruments from what I could see, and it took them about 2 minutes (from when they came on stage to the beginning of the first song) to solve them - I took out some of it from the recording. When Fito introduces 'Red hot Mama' with "Mr. Larry Taylor on the open tuning country blues guitar" I shout the song title. Just before Fito announces the next song (they were discussing what to play next, because, as mentioned, they had to cut short their set) with "'So sad', I don't care!" I suggested the title by shouting a request for it - and cheering right afterwards.

Soundquality: clear, lively audience recording, not too much interference from the audience 9/10



01 Intro (1:30)
02 On the Road again (5:44)
03 Time was (4:14)
04 I'm her Man (5:15)
05 Midnight Sun (7:44)
06 Red hot Mama (6:35)
07 Going up the Country (5:06)
08 So sad (The World's in a Tangle) (6:28)
09 Let's work together (4:30)


Enjoy this recording anyway you want (I have uploaded both the flac- and the mp3 version), share it, but please keep my notes and the album art together with the audio files!
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