Since my reseed of Monk in Bremen has been snatched 335 times there seem to be quite a lot of DIMErs around who either are new to the site or have missed certain torrents in the past. So I decided to reseed a number of things from my archives. This is from DVD1:
(uploader's comments remain unchanged, probably we can manage to create a correct setlist this time).

Cannonball Adderley Quintet March 19, 1969 NDR Hamburg, Funkhaus, Germany
Just received this yesterday. I wanted to share here.
FM. Sound is real good. A.

Cannonball Adderley- [Alto Sax],
Nat Adderley- [Cornet],
Joe Zawinul- [Piano],
Victor Gaskin- [Bass],
Roy McCurdy- [Drums]

This is the set list that came with it. It appears to be different than what
I have on the disc. My disc is only 8 tracks. Tunes sound different too.
Any help would be nice

1 Unknown title 4:46
2 Experience in E 5:29
3 Domination 3:05
4 The Painted Desert 5:43
5 Come Sunday 4:21
6 Hamba Nami 3:10
7 Sack O'woe 5:08
8 Do do do 2:55
9 I'm On My Way 4:40

01. 4:47
02. 5:09
03. 12:41
04. 5:26
05. 4:27
06. 7:00
07. 10:41
08. 3:28