Graz (Austria)
March 15, 1969

> Contrast clause: This torrent is from a recent re-broadcast and in stereo while the one still running here is not broadcast-sourced and in mono. So, this is an upgrade although it is not a well-balanced stereo recording and it is only the first set of that concert. Maybe the second set will be broadcast at a later date. <

Nat Adderley (co), Cannonball Adderley (as,announcements), Joe Zawinul (p,elp), Victor Gaskin (b), Roy McCurdy (dr)

01. Radio intro (2:20)
02. BIG 'P' (10:41)
03. SWEET EMMA (6:14)
04. 74 MILES AWAY (14:02)
05. Piano medley: ? > WILLOW WEEP FOR ME > MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE > ? (8:42)
06. WALK TALL (3:19)
07. MERCY, MERCY, MERCY (4:28)
08. THE SCENE (1:06)
09. Radio outro (0:11)

I have omitted the last incomplete track of this broadcast because it is from the second set which I hope will be re-broadcast soon.

Lineage: ORF radio broadcast (2011-07-18) > digital cable > CD > HDD (flac 8)

Sound: A