Cannonball Adderley Quintet
Nassau Coliseum
Uniondale, NY

This is a short but sweet and rare show of Cannonball Adderley from the Nassau Coliseum just about a month before he passed in 1975. The tape starts with Country Preacher even though he mentions a song called Phases which they must has just performed. He mentions getting off so that BB King can perform next and I have a 20 minute version of that show that IÕll be listing in a couple days.

This is from a reel to reel master soundboard. I got a chance to transfer some great mono soundboards from reel to reels in the early 80's. This is actually a Teac reel to reel to Cassette (top of the line Yamaha TC-1000 cassette deck from the 80's) and then transferred straight to my Philips CDR-765 deck. This is as close to a master generation as possible since the reels where sent off to a never-neverland surplus probably never to see the light of day from the original source. CD Burners didn't exist yet so I had to wait until they we're available to transfer this show This is a live soundboard that may or may not have been broadcast. I think you'll be pleased with the sound quality. Again, I used the top of the line Maxell tapes and transferred this to my Philips CDR-765 deck.

Total Time: 25:09 min.

1. Country Preacher 06:05
2. Five at A Time 05:41
3. Mercy Mercy 03:00
4. The Blues 09:20
5. Straight Ahead 01:02


Cannonball Adderley: Alto Sax
Nat Adderley: Cornet
Walter Booker: Bass
Michael Wolff: Piano
Roy McCurdy: Drums

Source/Lineage: Reel to Reel Master /TEAC Reel to Reel Deck/Yamaha TC-1000 Cassette Deck/ Philips CR-765 / flac - dime