Captain Beefheart
BBC "Top Gear" with John Peel
January/May 1968

Another find from the old Boot Box. The Beefheart
Boot "Out Here, Over There" is well documented
online and contains two complete Peel Sessions
and 7 additional tracks which have been left off this
torrent as they have been released on the "Grow Fins" box.
The Peel Sessions have, according to my research, never
been included in an official release; the original tapes were
taped over by the BBC long ago. Regarding the extra tracks, 2 are from Cannes 1968, four are from Kidderminster 1968, and one is listed (on the back cover of the CD) as being from Amougies 1969--this incipient version of "Sun Zoom Spark" is subject to debate as to its origins and source--I'm leaving it off the torrent for the sake of concision and cohesion.
Here are links for those that like to get
down with it, information-wise:


Sound varies, especially on tracks 4 & 5 which seem to have been compiled from alternate sources. Overall I'd give it a B+,
very listenable, especially for the devoted fan--as which of us are not?

These files have been tested with Trader's Little Helper
and confirmed as lossless.

Don Van Vliet: vocals, harmonica, musette, tenor & soprano sax
Jeff Cotton: guitar, slide guitar
John French: drums, percussion
Jerry Handley: bass guitar
Alex St. Clair Snouffer: guitar, slide guitar

January 24, 1968
London, Maida Vale. Studio 4

1. Yellow Brick Road
2. Abba Zaba
3. Sure 'Nuff & Yes I Do
4. Electricity

May 6th, 1968
London, 201 Piccadilly, Studio 1

5. Beatle Bones 'N Smokin' Stones
6. Safe As Milk
7. Kandy Korn
8. Trust Us

Please to enjoy!