Captain Beefheart - Interviews 1969-1978

More Beefheart interviews for you all:

Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa 1969 11 xx STRAIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE UK 5m
Captain Beefheart 1972 02 xx WMMR Philadelphia 14m10s
Captain Beefheart 1974 10 xx KHSU Humboldt State Univesity Arcata CA interview 20m
Captain Beefheart probably 1974 05 04 WMLN Cambridge w/ Augie and Andy Demartino (24m24s)
Captain Beefheart 1978 12 18 Houston Interview 10m15s

Thanks to mcchocchoc for date confirmations and helping decide which of the two of us had the best versions to share with you all.

Some great stuff here!

Captain Beefheart
Arcate CA - FM

20 minutes

For whatever reason, they decided to use the 15 second "beep" to indicate it was being recorded, rather annoying, seemed to annoy Don for a second too.

Interesting interview, very small radio station.

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