Tuft's University - Boston, MA
24Bit Transfer

Captain Beefheart: vocals, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, harmonica
John "Drumbo" French: drums
Zoot Horn Rollo: guitar
Art Tripp III: marimba
Rockette Morton: bass guitar, guitar
Elliot Ingber: guitar, slide guitar

Low Gen Maxell XLIIS cassette > Tascam Professional Cassette Deck Model 130 analog out > Apogee
Mini-Me @ 24/48 Hz spdif out > Digigram VX Pocket V2 (in data mode = no resampling of bits) > Samplitude
Professional 8 @ 24/48 Hz > resampled to 16/44.1 Hz w/ Samplitude > FLAC Frontend Encode level 6

No EQ or hiss reduction has been used. Only minor edits and fades to remove tape flip clicks and crowd noise.

Do Not Convert to MP3 or other Lossy Formats

Freely Traded - Never For Profit

1. Hair Pie Bass Solo
2. When It Blows It Stacks
3. Japan In A Dishpan
4. Click Clack
5. Grow Fins
6. I'm Gonna Booglarize you
7. Black Snake Blues
8. Peon
9. Abba Zabba
10. Frownland (bass solo/sax solo)
11. Woe Is Uh Me Bop (contains a small passage of noise from the master reel to reel)
12. Alice In Blunderland
13. Spitball Scalped Uh Baby

Baked Tapes 2006