Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
The Scope, Norfolk, Virginia
April 22, 1972

Lineage: AUD>Tape (unknown gen)>Wavelab>WAV>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC (level 8)

01. (cut, distorted) Hobo Chang Ba (2:14)
02. I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby (5:01)
03. Old Black Snake (3:34)
04. Peon (3:11)
05. Abba Zaba (3:11)
06. Alice In Blunderland (6:13)
07. Golden Birdies (1:44)

Total length: 25:08

Quality: 5/10

Captain Beefheart/Don Van Vliet: vocals, harmonica
Rockette Morton/Mark Boston: bass guitar, guitar
Orejon-Audi Hon/Roy Estrada: bass guitar
Zoot Horn Rollo/Bill Harkleroad: guitar, slide guitar
Winged Eel Fingerling/Elliot Ingber: guitar, slide guitar
Ed Marimba/Art Tripp: drums, percussion

Dave Lynch: I'll have to take other people's word for it on this setlist, as this tape sounds so fucking bad I can't make out a damn thing.

Neil: I was turned on to the Captain by friends. While living in Richmond, Virginia, a group of friends and I would regularly sit around the house at night and play records until all hours of the night. More and more this become a chance to expand our musical tastes and knowledge. I'd always heard of Captain Beefheart, and I'd seen the records, but I hadn't heard the music.
One of my roomates step dad grew up obsessed with the Captain and saw him booed off stage in Norfolk VA. So one day sitting on the couch, I asked to hear something that would blow my mind. Quickly thinking, some one put on Trout Mask Replica. I had always been somewhat curious about the music, and after Frownland I was in awe.
That night, I took home Trout Mask and Safe as Milk. Safe as Milk sat with me better than Trout Mask, but a few months later, and after many listens Trout Mask seems to be one of the great albums of all time. (as i'm sure most of you feel).

cdrcdrcdr: I was at the (Jethro Tull) show, and also have at least 1 version of the vinly boot (barely playable today), purchased in Va Beach at the Pembroke Mall weeks/months after the concert. The spindle label has a two-tone color photo of Ian, with the distinctive features of the Scope interior in the background.
If I'm remembering correctly, Captain Beefheart opened the show, and at the time, psyched for Tull, I thought their (CB's) set was awful. Now that I'm a CB fan, I sure would love to have a second chance to hear that!!!