Date: 2nd May 1973
Location: Riley Smith Hall, Leeds University
Source: aud
Generation: must be close to master
Quality: C+ (really good for an early 70's audience tape!)

My ratings go from A (outstanding) to E (unlistenable)

Lineage: CD-r > AIFF > Flac

Total length -

01 Hair pie bake iii 2:26
02 Suction prints 5:38
03 Sue egypt 2:20
04 Mirror man 6:29
05 Low yo yo stuff 3:51
06 Crazy little thing 3:06
07 Band intro 2:06
08 Sifter solo 2:14
09 Band intro 0:45
10 Sugar 'n spikes 3:22
11 I'm gonna booglarize you baby 8:22
12 Electricity 7:13
13 Peon 4:06
14 I am a King Bee - Sugar Mama 10:26
15 Click Clack 5:26
16 Alice in blunderland 5:06
17 Abba zaba 3:12

This is a wonderful recording of prime Beefheart from his UK tour of 1973. This has virtually no hiss on it and no discernable tape speed problems so must come from very close to the master if not the master itself. The only slight down is that the vocals are a bit boomy as is the bass which can be a bit distant but other than that its excellent.

A massive thank you to the original taper and whoever introduced this into trading circles. It is a real treat.

Seeded by Happy Trader, June 2008

Enjoy it ! but please don't convert to mp3 or sell.