Captain Beefheart - 1975.10.30, Oslo, Norway, AUD

1. Moonlight On Vermont
2. Abba Zaba
3. Orange Claw Hammer
4. Dali's Car
5. When It Blows It's Stacks
6. My Human Gets Me Blues
7. Alice In Blunderland
8. The Natchez Burnin'
9. Beatle Bones 'n' Smokin' Stones
10. Improv - Drumbo's Tap Dance
11. Poofters Froth Wyoming
12. Electricity
13. Golden Birdies
14. Big Eyed Beans From Venus

Sound quality: 7,5/10 (mono)

Source: AUD > ? > Traded CDR > .wav (EAC) > FLAC 6 (TLH) > tracker

I've added fade in/fade out to the beggining/end of the recording and edited drop out at the end of track 9 (during crowd noise) in where the master tape flip occurred.

Fastfatty (thanks!) at zappateers wrote:
'I have always heard that the venue was "Chateau Neuf" located in a part of Oslo called Majorstua.'