Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band
11 December 1980
Harpo's Club, Detroit, Michigan

Audience Master Recording > ? > CDR > EAC Secure > FLAC Frontend (8)
78:32 minutes - Sound: Good to Good (+)
A decent, but ruckus audience recording, that is a bit distant and tinny - that was
probably recorded from mid to rear of the room. The Captain's vocals, while
completely understandable, have a vaguely distorted slurring quality - mp3s below.

1. Apes-ma
2. Bass/saxophone Solo aka Hair Pie Bake III
3. Nowadays A Woman's Gotta Hit A Man
4. Abba Zaba
5. Hot Head
6. Ashtray Heart
7. Dirty Blue Gene
8. Best Batch Yet
9. Safe As Milk
10. Doctor Dark
11. One Red Rose That I Mean or A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond
12. Bat Chain Puller
13. My Human Gets Me Blues
14. Sugar 'n Spikes
15. Sheriff Of Hong Kong
16. The Dust Blows Forward 'n The Dust Blows Back
17. Kandy Korn
18. Suction Prints
19. Big Eyed Beans From Venus

Magic Band #39: "Live Doc"
Captain Beefheart Don Van Vliet - vocals, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, chinese gongs
Black Jew Kitabo Eric Drew Feldman - bass guitar, synthesizer, mandolin, mellotron, electric piano
Robert Wait For Me Williams - drums, percussion
Richard Midnight Hatsize Snyder - guitar, slide guitar, some bass guitar
Jeff Tapir / White Jew Jeff Moris Tepper - guitar, slide-guitar

Jack Keck: Two years later, when Doc At The Radar Station was released, The Captain was
performing at Harpo's, also in Detroit. Both Moris Tepper and Midnight Hatsize Snyder had broken
strings on both of their guitars. When Snyder's second guitar became disabled, his entire
expression changed. Up to that point, he had been very animated. He very deliberately took the
broken string, wound in into a circle about ten inches or so in diameter, and flung it Frisbee-style
into the audience. I had stopped my incessant pounding on the table and had my hands folded in
front of me. I never felt a thing as the string landed across my folded hands. I saw it moments later
when I happened to look in that direction during the break in the action while the guitars were being
restrung. I still have that string somewhere. The band played Dr. Dark and Tepper played One Red
Rose That I Mean once one of the guitars was ready.
[Jack Keck: Old Fart At Play]

Michael Dec: When I say The Magic Band in Detroit in '80 their opening act was a local outfit called
'Art In America' (strike one). Their SCHTICK was a girl who played the harp. Not the harmonica, the harp.
Like Harpo, only they weren't funny (the drummer thought he was .... strike two) or good. It was gruesome.
Luckily the joint had pool tables upstairs. Needless to say when Don & Co. hit the stage, all pain disappeared.
When we got out it was snowing, and I remember thinking "Don will probably like this. I don't imagine he sees
alot of snow." []

Re: The opening act, Art In America:

Jack Keck: I was at that show. It was at Harpo's wasn't it. I remember the drummer asking if anyone wanted
to hear any more of Fart in America, and that he could answer those who didn't with one finger. (Wonder what
he meant by THAT). I happened to be with two drummers at that show. They thought that the drummer was OK,
but that he needed a new band. I found the gimmick with the female harpist kinda scary. A guy at the next table
remarked that she should "show us her tits". I thought to myself that it wouldn't have made a difference.

There is in circulation, but NOT included here, a Private Postshow Interview w/Dave DiMartino:
Tape: Private Interview, quality: very good +, 60 [40] min. John Butler-Kerr: "...very cool!"

Most of this information comes from , Detlef Jürgens' wonderful Beefheart site now archived at -