The Troubadour L.A., Ca.

set list

01. I Wanna Find Me A Woman That'll Hold My Big Toe Till I Have To Go
02. When Big Joan Sets Up
03. Electricity
04. Click Clack
05. A Carrot Is As CLose As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond
06. China Pig
07. Orange Claw Hammer
08. Don & Crowd
09. On Tomorrow
10. Pachuco Cadaver - Improv - Poem
11. My Human Gets Me Blues
12. Veteran's Day Poppy
13. The Blimp
14. Big Eyed Beans From Venus
15. Hoochie Coochie Man
16. Don talking
17. Don talking
18. Don / tuning
19. Moonlight On Vermont
20. Low Yo Yo Stuff
21. Rollin' 'N Tumblin'

total time approx 80:31

the band

Don Van Vliet vocals, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Eric Drew Feldman bass guitar, keyboards, mellotron
Gary Jaye drums, percussion
Jeff Moris Tepper guitar, slide-guitar
Denny Walley guitar, slide guitar
Harry Duncan on harp ( Click Clack, Hoochie Coochie, Rollin' 'N Tumblin ),
vocal on The Blimp

unknown (low?) gen
Maxell XLII-S Tape > Sony TC-WE805S Deck > TDK DA-3826 > CD-R > PC > Wav > Traders Little Helper Flac level 8 > dimeadozen

transfer - mcchocchoc

Another 1976 show with Gary Jaye on drums. This is a good one. Super set-list.There are some great sax solos and a good amount of harp playing. Don is also in a good mood and seemingly relaxed. That usually makes for a very good performance on his part. The China Pig is just awesome and Don actually laughs in the middle of Orange Claw Hammer (which is an excellent version). Also a very cool keyboard improv toward the end of Pachuco Cadaver !

I am thinking this to be a low gen copy, but it does have some issues that I will mention here. Overall this recording is very nice. The quality moves around a bit from very good to excellent. I am thinking that the taper may have moved the recording device around a few times during the show. Who knows ? . . . . you will also notice some pauses in between a couple of songs, that is how my tape is. I do not edit any tapes. There is a cut during My Human Gets Me Blues.
Ok, the sound quality . . . from the start the tape sounds very good, despite lacking a bit in the high end. The guitars sound great. Denny is a monster. Toward the end of side A
( My Human Gets Me Blues ) the sound lessens a bit in quality. The start of side B ( Veteran's Day Poppy ) sounds a bit rough. It corrects itself before the end of that track.
tracks 13-16 sound pretty good, then you will hear a pause and the sound improves greatly.
the last several tracks sound excellent ! Enjoy.

Thanks to the Taper/s and all of my trading friends over the years.

upped at dimeadozen on August 22, 2010.