Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Huntington Beach
Golden Bear
July 15, 1977 Early Show

01-'Free Bat Chain Puller' (1:41)
02-Bat Chain Puller (5:57)
03-Abba Zaba (3:41)
04-I Wanna Find A Woman That'll Hold My Big Toe Till I Have To Go (3:22)
05-Grow Fins (5:34)
06-Band Introduction (1:08)
07-Electricity (4:24)
08-A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond (3:08)
09-China Pig (5:47)
10-Click Clack (6:32)
11-Floppy Boot Stomp (5:05)
12-Owed T'Alex (4:41)
13-Veteran's Day Poppy (5:11)
14-Big Eyed Beans From Venus (5:56)
15-Golden Birdies (2:24)

Total time: 64:15

Aud -> ? -> tape (probably 3rd gen) -> wav (using Wavelab 5.0/Freefilter/Timeworks Mastering EQ) -> flac (level 8/using flac frontend)

Quality: 7.5 of 10
The tape sounds muffled, too much bass and drums (6 of 10). Did some equalizing with Freefilter and Timeworks Mastering EQ using Grow Fins (released on T'anks For The Mammaries) as reference track. If anybody of you has a 1st gen or better sounding 2nd gen tape please send a message.

Captain Beefheart/Don Van Vliet: vocals, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Eric 'Black Jew/Kitabo' Drew Feldman: bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizer
Drumbo/John French: drums, percussion
Jeff 'Tapir/White Jew' Moris Tepper guitar, slide-guitar
Feeler's Reedo/Walla Walla/Denny Walley: guitar, slide guitar
Harry Duncan: harmonica
John French:
We did several shows, the Old Roller Rink in Vancouver being the most memorable. We played Seattle, Portland, Eugene and ended up at the Golden Bear in Long Beach. It was a pleasure to play with the now more confident and professional Jeff (Moris) Tepper. Eric Feldman was a new acquaintance whom I found to be very generous and affable individual with an extremely diplomatic aura - one of the most well-balanced musicians I've ever met.
(Grow Fins)

Tom Troccoli:
Yeah, the infamous short '77 Tour with French back behind the kit. Truly, the best Beefheart band doing the best Beefheart gig I ever saw. Truly, and I DID see the old Zoot Horn Rollo (with Roy Estrada as 'Orejon' on bass) band in 1972. Denny was AMAZING. He was so completely wasted by Zappa in the FZ band.
Believe me, you WILL hear me shouting. For the early show I must've only been a few feet from the poor taper, for the late show I moved up to the very front of the stage so I am not quite so evident... thankfully!
Anyhow, the gig was NOT supposed to open with the then unheard Bat Chain Puller, but I already had my copy for over a year, so my pal Tom Brennan who I went with and I agreed that the moment Don took the stage, we rise as one and scream the phrase "FREE BAT CHAIN PULLER" as though it were being held as a political prisoner or something. Listen carefully and you'll hear Don say something like "Well, okay!" And THEN the band kicks into the tune. Remember, at this point NOBODY anywhere had heard the song, or the album, and Shiny Beast was still a year or more away.Voot Zombo:
saw both shows.

LA Weekly interviewer:
Drumbo was my favorite Beefheart drummer; I remember seeing him play at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach, when Beefheart had gotten the Magic Band back together in 1977.
Matt Groening:
I saw that show. Yeah, unbelievable.

T'anks for the mammaries/Captain Hook
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND THE MAGIC BAND "GROW FINS" Recorded in 1977 at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach,California, by W. Z. Ardo through whose passive permission it appears here/From a remarkable evening of music/We tried and tried toissue the tape but politics always prevented it/Captain Beefheart: Vocals and Harmonica/Denny Walley: Guitar/Jeff Morris Tepper: Guitar/Eric Kitabu Fedman: Bass and Keyboards/Harry Duncan: Harmonica/John "Drumbo" French: Percussion/
Had the TAKRL Beefheart LP ever made it, it would have also contained--

When I saw him at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach, California in 1977, he moved very slowly and seemed to keep his movements (gestures, etc.) to a minimum.

Chuck Burns:
But the best live CB show I ever saw was at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach, CA circa 1977. There were so few people that the Captain invited us first-show fans to stay for the second (and we did). Even with Larry "Wild Man" Fischer inviting himself to our table it was a great show, the be