The Roxy, Los Angeles, California

set list

01. intro - Hair Pie Bake III
02. Suction Prints
03. Safe As Milk
04. I Wanna Find Me A Woman That'll Hold My Big Toe Till I Have To Go
05. Bat Chain Puller
06. Electricity
07. Harry Irene
08. Click Clack
09. A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond
10. The Dust Blows Forward And The Dust Blows Back
11. . . crowd . .
12. Floppy Boot Stomp
13. My Human Gets Me Blues
14. Veteran's Day Poppy - Outro
15. When I See Mommy I Feel Like A Mummy
16. Big Eyed Beans From Venus

Total Time Approx 65 minutes

the band

Don Van Vliet vocals, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Eric Drew Feldman bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizer
Robert Williams drums, percussion
Jeff Moris Tepper guitar, slide-guitar
Denny Walley guitar, slide guitar

3rd gen
Maxell XLII-S Tape > Sony TC-WE805S Deck > TDK DA-3826 > CD-R > PC > Wav > Traders Little Helper Flac level 8 > dimeadozen

Early 1978 show before Denny Walley was out of the band. This tape is a bit lacking in high end ( I believe the source/master tape was like that ) and the crowd is a bit chatty, despite that this show is very good sounding and a great listen. Any Magic Band featuring Denny is a great listen ! Too bad he was never featured on any official release/s with the band. A early take on the then new song " When I See Mommy I Feel Like A Mummy " is a bit different that the arrangement that became the standard. Pretty Interesting. Don also makes a dedication before the song to Dweezil Zappa & King Tut !

When This show was traded on tape years ago it was often missing the last song,
Big Eyed Beans From Venus. I have three copies of this show here in the archives
and the best version I had was missing that song. Another, lesser quality, copy had it.

As this incomplete ( missing the last song ) version is the best copy I have here, the last song is added on from the lesser quality tape to make this show complete. At the end of the better copy you hear a person ( the taper or a friend perhaps (?) ) say the word 'Great'. I started the last track with that same persons comment, as to assure anybody listening that it is indeed the same show ! Great. It's complete. Enjoy.

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