Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Shiny Beast Alternate Takes

Studio Sessions
The Automatt, San Francisco, California
August 28, 1978

Got some Shiny Beast alternate takes from the guy who wants to stay anonymous. Thanks a lot to you for the excellent stuff!!

The collection included 12 tracks. Suction Prints, When I See Mummy I Feel Like A Mummy, Candle Mambo, The Witch Doctor Life and Love Lies came in 2 versions, version 2 the same tracks with more hiss, Owed T'Alex the same track as the official one in minor quality.
I kept 6 tracks which are definitely different to the released versions. Culled from a tape I got from perebeef I added another different version of Candle Mambo.

There is not much info about these tracks.
Most of them were seeded on DIME by carville in January 2005 as WB promo from the WB archive inhouse cassette tape. The tracks offered here sound better.
Also I have seen the same tracks listed as 1978-08-28 session tape.

01. Suction Prints (4:20) marimba!, less horns
02. When I See Mummy I Feel Like A Mummy (4:29) shorter, missing background vocals
03. Candle Mambo (Version 1) (3:18) marimba low mix
04. Candle Mambo (Version 2) (3:25) different intro, no marimba, less vocals
05. The Witch Doctor Life (2:02) instrumental, faster
06. Love Lies (3:28) different take, faded
07. Run Paint Run Run (4:01) basics only

Lineage 01-03, 05-07: Studio->2nd gen tape->Fostex X-1 Portastudio->CDR->CDR->TLH->WAV->Wavelab: click deletion, auto error correction, dc-offset elimination->TLH->FLAC Level 8
Lineage 04: tape ?gen->Wavelab->WAV->Freefilter using soundscape of Candle Mambo (Version 1), normalized to 0db->TLH->FLAC Level 8

Total length: 25:07

Don Van Vliet: vocals, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, harmonica
Eric Drew Feldman: bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizer
Bruce Fowler: trombone, air-bass
Robert Williams: drums, percussion
Richard Josef Redus: guitar, slide guitar, slide bass
Jeff Moris Tepper: guitar, slide-guitar
Art Tripp: marimba

Producer: Don Van Vliet, Pete Johnson
Engineer: Glen Kolotkin, assisted by: Jeffrey Norman

jazzfan 2009-03-15