Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band live at The Bayou, Georgetown, Washington DC, December 2, 1980. Recorded from the front center of the balcony with a mono Sony TC-150 (built-in microphone with ALC) on standard bias Maxell 90 minute cassettes.

A tape flip in first set clipped the beginning of "A Carrot is...". Tape flips in the second set clipped the end of Ashtray Heart and resulted in the loss of several seconds of music in "Big Eyed Beans From Venus" prior to the long lunar note. Otherwise complete, with no use of the pause button.

The FLAC files were made from WAV files that were in turn made from the master tapes several years ago. The WAV files were originally compressed for archiving via APE, a non-lossy compression format that is no longer widely used. The APE files were recently decompressed back to WAV, and the WAV files were then converted to FLAC.

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