Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band
Captain Beefheart- vocals
Dave Mighnight Hatsize Snyder- guitar, slide guitar
Jeff Morris Tepper- guitar, slide guitar
Eric Drew Feldman- keyboards and mandolin
Robert Williams- drums and percussion
Paradise Rock Club
Boston, Mass.
December 5, 1980
Realistic twinhead stereo mike >
Technics cassette deck (dolby off) >
(average quality, not the crummy one I used a few months later) >
Maxell XL-I master cassettes (normal bias) >
played on Nak. 125 into soundforge 4.5 WAV (into Realtek soundcard) >
flac 6 > torrentially yours.
It's not a "masters of rock", or jazz, but a
Masters of Whatever Production.
runtime: 101:42
disc 1 58:14

1: apes ma (30 second spoken intro) > sax and bass duet 5:30
2; nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man 4:05
3: ? 4:54
4: hot head 3:46
5: a carrot is as close as a rabbit gets to a diamond 2:08
6: ashtray heart 4:21
7: dirty blue Gene 4:25
8: Smithsonian institute blues 3:33
9: best batch yet 5:55
10: safe as milk 4:12
11: flavor bud living 2:09
12: her eyes are a blue million miles 3:45
13: one red rose that I made 2:05
14: talk (may be a song?) 3:43
15: Dr. Dark 3:35

disc 2 43:28

16: bat chain puller 5:37
17: band introductions 1:29
18: my human gets the blues 3:36
19: improvisation 3:15
20: sugar and spice 2:57
21: Sheriff of Hong Kong (tape flip after song) 7:30
22: ? 5:08
23: encore break 2:49
24: ? 5:47
25: ? 5:16
this was a rather busy time for concerts. Captain Beefheart played
2 nights (one show each night). I think this is the 1st of the 2
nights but not sure. This was the only time I went to see a Beef show.
It is an acquired taste, and I don't agree with some of what he says
(like track 2 title) but there are some folks who love this guy. not
really sure why, but nobody can accuse Captain Beefheart of being too
restrained in his expressionism. this was about 6 years after he
teamed up with Frank Zappa. I've heard a few rather marginal sounding
Beefheart recordings. This one came out quite well, and it is the whole
show except the 1st second or two of track 22 (it's not too noticable)
and the 1st few seconds of the spoken intro (also not too noticable).
the 1st flip was between songs and nothing's missing there.
I don't know what the heck kind of music this can be called. It's fusion,
but I wouldn't call it normal jazz (even though it has a sax in it).
Avantgarde spazz in parts, bluesy folk rock in others. It's different.
That's one thing I like about this music. It's not superficial either.
this is music from and about the real world (not seen on MTV).
another thing I like about it is all the instruments can be heard clearly.
the between song talk is very quiet, but it can be heard. the vocals,
when there are vocals, are also easily heard and come through well.
Well enough so even though I didn't HAVE to do a new transfer of
this master recording, because my 1st CD of it sounded okay,
I did one anyway. the 1st one was never posted. this one may be a little
better but I mainly did the new transfer to keep "CD" and "CD extractor"
out of this lineage, and to make sure there would be a few good choices for
a disc break in case you don't like this one (or have the other night and
want to make them a 3 CD set.). there's alot of not much going on between
songs, but I left it all in there because it wouldn't fit on 1 disc anyway
(if I edited out all the nothing going on parts) and it's a 1st time post
from the master so I wanted to put it up as completely as possible.
Classic? Maybe, sorta, for some of us it is. Tough times call for some
Beefheart. And these are tough times.
do not sell this recording.
(you want to buy some beef,
go to a butcher shop, restaurant, supermarket or official record/CD distributor.)
trade freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
(gaps are so 80's, Beefheart is always.)