December 11, 1980 Detroit, MI.

Private Interview by Dave DiMartino

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01. Don Van Vliet and Dave DiMartino 1980-12-11

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Excellent interview, said to be recorded "post-show" on 1980-12-11.
The band had performed at a club called Harpo's on the same date.
Very nice recording. Enjoy.

Many excerpts from this interview were used in an article that Dave DiMartino wrote that was featured in the March 1981 issue of CREEM magazine. I have the issue here and I think it is a very good article. It should be, as this interview is just great. Dave is a big fan and his questions and comments are just great. Very cool conversation over a couple of beers ( Dave mentions drinking beer together in the article ).
The tape gets cut off at the end. This is a complete rip of what I have. I do not know if there was more to the recording or not. I read the article last night after ripping this and all of the quotes from Don that were in said article do appear on this recording, so maybe this is all that was recorded. If anybody has a longer version (?), please share it. Thanks.

Much thanks to The Captain & Dave for such a great talk. Also thanks to all of the traders that I traded with through the mail for so many years.

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