Fast N' Bulbous
Le Poisson Rouge
March 10 2009

Aud>DPA4060>DPA MPS6030>Edirol R-09>Peak>Xact>flac

Phillip Johnston Alto & Soprano, Voice
Dave Sewelson Baritone
Pat Irwin Guitar
Jesse Krakow Bass
Rob Henke Trumpet
Jacob Garchick(sic) Trombone

Approximate setlist (Please help out)
2. Woe Is A Me Bop
4. Pachuco Cadaver/
5. A Carrot Is As Close.....
6. Dali's Car
7. Dropout Boogie
8. Smithsonian Institute Blues
10. The Blimp
11. Trust Us
12. When I See Mommy.....

Well....don't expect to be going to hear Gary Lucas anytime soon, as he apparently has broken his arm in multiple places.
But Fast N Bulbous soldiered on with Raybeats, B-52's guitarist Pat Irwin filling in.

Great show that should have been longer.....but hell, there were only 45 people in a venue that holds several hundred!!
Gotta wonder WTF all the Beefheart fans went to.....Oh well

Enjoy the recording, its a good one, made from the front table.