Captain Beyond

Miami, FL
Jai Alai Fronton
1972-08-11 (august 11th)

source: audience recording / tape transfer
length: 27min.
quality: C+ / B-

Just trying to add something to the CB-collectors here. The quality is fair, the track transitions are poor (maybe the taper turned the device off between songs?), the vocals are barely audible but the playing is very good.

I also have an audio only of Montreux 1972, I know itīs a tv-thingy but the sound on the audio only is quite good. If anyone wants it Iīll up it. Lastly I have two songs from the same tape, no description, the songs are instrumentals and sound more like the late than the early 70īs. Iīm not sure itīs CB but they were on the tape. I could do a megaupload of those for anyone wanting to hear them since I donīt know what I could call them here.

I have a lossy version of New York 720730. Anyone with a lossless one? Please up it.

1. I canīt feel nothinī (part 1) / As the moon speaks (to the waves of the sea) / Astral lady / As the moon speaks (return) / I canīt feel nothinī (part 2)
2. Dancing madly backwards (on a sea of air)
3. Armworth / Myopic void
4. Thousand days of yesterdays (intro) / Frozen over (cut)

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