Captain Beyond
Jason Cahoon (or maybe Willy Daffern?)- vocals
Larry "Rhino" Reinhart- guitar
Lee Dorman- bass
Bobby Caldwell- drums
Night Gallery
suburban Chicago, Illinois
May 26, 1977
performance quality: B+ inspired, energetic show
recording quality: B-C
source: audience tape
(low-gen, unknown lineage)
runtime: 67:37
setlist: (11 tracks, not necessarily all correctly tracked but pretty close)
1: intro music
2: distant sun
3: dancing madly backwards
4: armworth
5: myopic void
6: breath of fire
7: sweet dreams
8: fantasy
9: thousand days of yesterdays
10: mesmeration eclipse (with drum solo)
11: dawn explosion
This was first posted a few months ago by myself, glasnostrd19, and it fell off the tracker
which I found rather surprising, since it may be one of the rarer offerings I've shared to
this point on the dime. I didn't know how to do sound samples then, I do now so this time
I can share a sound sample of this show. This is almost a reseed, but not quite. If you got
the 1st post of this back in March, you don't need to get this one, although you may want
to update the info and titles. It was one of my first uploads, when I just wanted to upload
a ton of stuff after a long delay, now I'm trying to be alot more time-appropriate in my postings,
and this show is almost 32 years ago now, yet another example of what is memorable this Memorial
Day and we haven't heard nearly enough of.
I'm pretty sure this is the complete show in what is a hometown area gig for at least one of
these guys. I've never seen Captain Beyond live, wish I had, they weren't playing around very
long. They're a very good live and on album band if you like rockers. Their 1st 2 albums,
Captain Beyond and Sufficiently Breathless, are both very good. the 3rd one isn't as good
as the first 2 (imho) but still has some good songs and you get a nice variety of all 3 in
this set. So it seems a reseeding of this is now due. If anyone's got more of this Captain,
especially from 72 or 73, I'd really like to hear some, and I don't think I'm the only one.
They were still pretty good in 77 which was when their 3rd (I believe) studio album "Dawn
Explosion" was brand new. The quality isn't great on this, but well above the "for completists
only" level, I'd say. It's good enough for me to enjoy listening to it.
the sound files are completely unchanged from my first posting, (except for addition of
most of the titles) I did change the torrent file name from "cb" to "Captain Beyond" with
the date, (I had thought torrent files themselves could only have 10 characters when this was
first posted.) which meant new md5 and torrent files were needed, and some info. updating.
There was a post on dime in Dec. 2007 ("the completer") that included parts of 4 shows,
the last of them listed as "unknown venue, L.A. 5/26/77". This may or may not be that same
show, and if it is, it's alot "completer" than the completer version which has less than
half this much from 77. The sound on this may be a little bit better than the 77 part of that is.
This is apparently from a different source recording and sounds to me like the full show.
It is not excerpts of different shows. Definitely all from one concert.
It sounds like it was recorded on a rather cheapo mono cassette deck but it's clear
enough to hear all the instruments. The crowd is enthusiastic and loud and they can
be heard well here but it's not overwhelming in the recording.
there is one flip cut 45 min in, during a transition between tracks 8 and 9, only a few
seconds were missed. otherwise, this is all from stage intro to the end of the encore.
I'm told the 73 Arlington Texas show was released (officially? maybe just unofficially in a
limited edition fan club sort of thing), and that there is a very nice aud from that same
location in 1972. If anyone has that, or any 72 CB please post it. The 1st album is my
favorite one, the second is also very good music. Both have been on my turntable (definition
for those who have never seen one: predecessor to a C.D. player) many times. I was told long
ago some of them are from the Chicago area, which may help explain the very warm audience
reception they had for this show. (although another comment said they're from Florida.)
This is my only live Captain Beyond show, other than one from the U.K. that had a track
released in a video. wish I had more, so enjoy this one folks.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.