Wanted to start a different kind of torrent this weekend, before I do another large Cactus torrent & some other things.

As I usually do, I'll seed this for 48 hours or until there are plenty of completed downloads to support this, & of course I'll occasionally reopen a window, but please do not ask me after I have met my obligation. I will move onto other torrent projects & hopefully other downloads.

Please help share this. I'd like to get this one shared as soon as possible, as I have other torrents ready to go. If you plan on downloading this (or not), please help keep this at the top of the 1st page, by bumping it.

I'm still capped at at 30kbs. Don't complain, or you will not get this!

What's kind of unique about this recording, is that it came from Captain Beyond's newest lead vocalist. Unfortunately I have no idea who he is. I believe he was very excited about being the new singer & he contacted me about 3 years ago after seeing my online pages. Obviously he wanted to get a recording out into the trading world to document himself, etc. That works for me too, but unfortunately I do not believe he did much trading, because he sent me this recording on a normal bias (type I) tape & without a setlist. Anyways, I'd still like to offer this as is & if anyone can contribute additional information of the setlist & the band personnel, it would be greatly apprecaited.

I know there are not many CBeyyond recordings out there, except for maybe the common "It's Our Life" bootleg, torrented here recently with a couple more shorter, filler items .... huge thanks goes out to that seeder, etc.!!!

Captain Beyond .... vg/vg+ aud
12/18/99 Fairbanks Inn, Orlando, Florida
torrent size: ~405MB (SHNs) - 66:32 minutes (WAVs)
ANA(m)> ANA(1) on normal bias tape> CDR> (wav) EAC (secure mode)> mkwACT (shn)

Sorry, no setlist available.

Sorry, no band line-up available, from me.

Torrent by Jeff James