Captain Coconut
Live @ The Knitting Factory | Old Office
Saturday, 2006-04-15

Source: AUD
Lineage: MXL 990 > MBox > Pro Tools > Wav Lab Lite (for splicing) > Flac Frontend
Taped By: Armand Hirsch & Dan Knobler

1. Mustard County, MI (Matt Porter) *
2. Ampersand (Daniel Knobler) *&
3. Black Sara (Daniel Knobler) ^
4. 2001 > Parade of One (Daniel Knobler)#
5. Fried Bologna Sandwich (Daniel Knobler)
6. Taxman (The Beatles) @
7. Funky See, Funky Do (Zack Rosen) % >
8. It's Your Thing (Isley Brothers/Grant Green/Soulive)
9. The Gitis (Daniel Knobler) > Nyack (Adam Deitch/Lettuce)

* w. Dan Fisher-Lochhead (alto sax)
& w. Ideofunk (John Scofield) tease for ending
^ w. Matt Chaisson (tenor & soprano sax) and Danny Rivera (baritone sax) who play on the rest of the tunes
# w. Sam Lewis (trombone)
@ (April 15th is usually tax day, hence the clever cover)
% w. Afi Komen (Zack Rosen) tease after guitar solo (in honor of the ongoing passover holiday)

Captain Coconut is a NYC based funk who know their shit. The core of the band is the rhythm section featuring Dan Knobler on guitar, Matt Porter on keys, Zack Rosen on bass and Armand Hirsch on drums (all in high school). The funky four are supplemented by a three max sax section comprised of Dan Fisher-Lochhead on alto, Danny Rivera on baritone and Matt Chaisson on tenor and soprano.

Captain Coconut:
Dan Knobler (guitar)
Matt Porter (keys)
Zack Rosen (electric fretless bass)
Armand Hirsch (drums)
Danny Fisher-Lochhead (alto sax)
Matt Chaisson (tenor and soprano sax)
Danny Rivera (baritone sax)

Captain Coconut -

01 Mustard County, MI.flac:7a9aee17fa55308a000c2661f8f5769a
02 Ampersand.flac:96572658272c05fb3c717452f1607019
03 Black Sara.flac:e9362e9401d4d1f93ecef945c361c245
04 2001 - Parade of One.flac:dcf01687a6f67d91326339089a74ba86
05 Fried Bologna Sandwich.flac:d42766dc149368a43468e9969112b11d
06 Taxman.flac:2d0eb6e6943e9fdbf45c097ba9674b80
07 Funky See, Funky Do.flac:8981ea5c2ca4b884dc65fc427b21c9b4
08 It's Your Thing.flac:6bc7eb3ec8070683da6277ae1d8c38ff
09 The Gitis - Nyack.flac:480befb27a14198a9e5db142358e48af