Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
1972-05-07 Bickershaw Festival, Bickershaw, Wigan, Lancashire, UK
Tape 1 by Paul Brown:

1-01-Hair Pie: Bake III (0:42)
1-02-Hair Pie: Bake III (0:42)
1-03-The Mascara Snake (0:46)
1-04-The Mascara Fake (0:35)
1-05-The Mascara For God's Sake (cut) (0:43)
1-06-When It Blows Its Stacks (3:35)
1-07-Click Clack (4:10)
1-08-Grow Fins (5:08) "removed"
1-09-Hobo Chang Ba (2:46)
1-20-Spitball Scalped A Baby (11:01) "removed"

Quality: 7 of 10
Lineage: Tape 2nd gen -> Wavelab 5 -> wav -> flac frontend -> flac (level 8)
Tape 2 by an unknown taper:

2-03-(cut) The Mascara Snake (0:29)
2-04-The Mascara Fake (0:35)
2-05-The Mascara For God's Sake (1:08)
2-06-When It Blows Its Stacks (3:35)
2-07-Click Clack (4:09)
2-08-Grow Fins (5:08) "removed"
2-09-Hobo Chang Ba (2:46)
2-10-I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby (5:42)
2-11-Dog Barking The Moon (0:25)
2-12-Old Black Snake (5:26)
2-13-Peon (2:34)
2-14-Abba Zaba (3:10)
2-15-Band Intro (0:45)
2-16-Alice In Blunderland (6:19)
2-17-My Human Gets Me Blues (cut) (2:57)
2-18-Steal Softly Thru Snow (3:14)
2-19-Golden Birdies (2:08)
2-20-Spitball Scalped A Baby (cut) (9:07) "removed"

Quality: 5.5 of 10
Lineage: Tape ? gen -> Wavelab 5 -> wav -> flac frontend -> flac (level 8)
Captain Beefheart/Don Van Vliet: vocals, sax, harmonica
Rockette Morton/Mark Boston: bass guitar, guitar
Oréjon-Audi Hon/Roy Estrada: bass guitar
Zoot Horn Rollo/Bill Harkleroad: guitar, slide guitar
Winged Eel Fingerling/Elliot Ingber: guitar, slide guitar
Ed Marimba/Art Tripp: drums, percussion
sorry for the removed tracks. but they were on the growfins box set. enjoy

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