Live At Record Plant
First American Tour

Probably recorded at the Record Plant, Sausalito, CA on November 10, 1974 (see notes below)
FM radio broadcast (?)

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1. Announcement by radio dj
2. Memory Lain, Hugh
3. Headloss
4. For Richard
5. Band introduction / Virgin On The Ridiculous
6. Be All Right
7. Chance Of A Lifetime
8. The Love In Your Eye

Total time 1:05:40

Pye Hastings - Guitar & Vocal
Geoffrey Richardson - Viola, Guitar, Flute
Dave Sinclair - Keyboards
Mike Wedgwood - Bass & Vocal
Richard Coughlan - Drums

The Ayanami bootleg artwork says this was recorded at the Record Plant on the 15th of October 1974. That date is most likely incorrect as that day they played in Columbus, OH. There were three Record Plant studios at that time, in New York City, in Los Angeles, and in Los Angeles. The authorative Calyx website lists in their Caravan chronology a live radio show in San Francisco on November 10, 1974. Since Sausalito is located directly across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, I'm guessing there is a high possibility that the Record Plant in Sausalito actually is the place where this performance was recorded for a radio broadcast. The radio dj also confirms the Record Plant but does not mention a place.

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