Caravan, Vierzon-France Pulsar 80, xx july 1980, aud master

Another show from Pulsar 80 sent by a friend of mine from his recovered tapes, thanks again.
Elliott played at the end of june or first days of july (can't read properly dates on the program on the net) .

This Pulsar 80 is sadly famous because many shows were cancelled and the festival ended as a riot.
If you read french language, you can go to :
to learn what happened (pictures also).

Recorder and microphone used are unknown.
Cassette - Marantz 4051SD deck - Zoom H4 - SD card on PC - Audacity (pitch correction 2%, a bit of eq, volume adjustments, FLAC export) - md5 with TLH.

I'm not in Caravan's music, sorry for partial setlist.

01 Intro
02 ...
03 Heartbreaker
04 ...
05 It's Never TOO late
06 Clear Blue Sky
07 Watcha Gonna Tell Me
08 ...
09 ... (incl tape flip)
10 Saturday Night (?)
11 Nightmare
12 ...
13 Hoedown
14 Golf Girl

Samples in comments.

On dime by letsgo, july 2023.