Summer's End Festival 2011
Town Hall, Lydney, UK
9th October 2011

Recording & artwork by boombox:
Edirol HR-09 (internal mics @ 24/96, low cut ON) > Cool Edit Pro > CD Wave > TLH
Recorded ~25' dead centre, recorder at 5' (in shirt pocket)
Fades in and out and hard limiting on peaks before normalising to 0db.

Original 24bit masters available if someone wants to have their own go at remastering this.

Disc 1:
1. Introduction by Simon Lambe
2. Memory Lain, Hugh
3. Headloss
4. And I Wish I Were Stoned >
5. Golf Girl
6. The Unauthorised Breakfast Item Story
7. Smoking Gun (Right For Me) >
8. The Unauthorised Breakfast Item
9. Nightmare
10. The Dog, The Dog, He's At It Again
11. Fingers In The Till
12. It's Not Real
13. In The Land Of Grey And Pink

Disc 2:
1. Band Introductions
2. Nine Feet Underground
3. I'm On My Way
4. Love To Love You
5. Festival Closing Thanks

Pye Hastings - guitar, vocals
Geoffrey Richardson - viola, flute, guitar, spoons, tin whistle, vocals
Jan Schelhaas - keyboards
Jim Leverton - bass & vocals
Mark Walker - drums, percussion & washboard

boombox's notes october 2011:

My main reason for attending Summer's End, but after a day in which each band just got better and
better, I did worry that they would not be able to rise to the occasion. However, With an audience generally over 50, much of their stuff would have been familiar to most in the room. They did quite
a lot of newer material, which surprised me (Wot, no 'For Richard'?!!!), but did show there is life
in these old dogs yet! MVP was definitely Geoff Richardson, though - he kept the sound guy on his
toes with his instrument changes.

Not a bad recording, considering the limitations of internal mics. Had to boost the uppermids and
highs a bit though and do some major limiting on "gunshot" clappers nearby: there are still odd bits,
but I was losing the will to live!

And another final plug to the Summer's End Festival - great bands, great food, great cider and
a great atmosphere. Bookings are already being made for October 2012 - if you have even only a
passing interest in prog, you'd be mad to miss it!

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