Label: none
Sound quality: AUD (HI-8) > audacity > you

Not commercially released by the band.

Too bad, this is only a one hour piece of this show at this year's BHOA.
But the sound is OK and "Golf Girl" & "In The Land Of Grey And Pink" alone make it worth the download!
Maybe there are more complete versions in circulation! So feel free to seed 'em and do a matrix!

The big crowd was quite well behaved in my area.
Only during the quieter parts you can hear some talkative Hessians.

0. Memory Lain Hugh > Headloss (both missing)
1. Why Why Why & I Wish I Was Stoned > Golf Girl
2. Smoking Gun >
3. The Unauthorised Breakfast Item > Nightmare
4. Band introduction
5. In The Land Of Grey And Pink
6. Fingers In The Till
7. 9ft. Underground
8. ? \\


Pye Hastings - Guitar, lead vocals
Geoffrey Richardson - Viola, flute, lead guitar, backing vocals & spoons
Jan Schelhaas - Piano, keyboards
Jim Leverton - Bass, vocals
Mark Walker - Drums & washboard

Sorry, no artwork but some photos taken by myself for the busy one creating a cover.

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Have fun! And NO MP3, please (unless you don't believe in reincarnation)!

Previous uploads in extra file.