Caravan - 2013 11 20 - de Boerderij, Zoetermeer, NL

This is an incomplete. Due to gear failure the first half hour or so is missing.
Also I had to leave a couple of minutes after the beginning of the encore in order to catch my last train home, timing was perfect, I couldn't have stayed one minute more.
Still, more than one hour of fine music is remaining.

Pye Hastings - guitar, vocals
Geoffrey Richardson - violin, guitar, spoons, vocals
Jan Schelhaas - keyboards
Jim Leverton - bass
Mark Walker - drums

01 > Backwards
02 The dog the dog he's at it again
03 Golf girl
04 Nightmare
05 Fingers in the till
06 Dead man walking
07 Nine feet underground

Zoom Handy H2's internal rear mics (120 degree angle mode) > USB > HDD > Audacity > WAV > TLH(8) > FLAC

Recorded and upped by YoungPumpkin