Caravan - 09 August 2019
Cropredy Festival, Oxfordshire, UK

Zoom H2n > SD > Goldwave Tweaks > CDR
A Disputandum Production

Recorded near the front in the middle in the wind and rain.
Windshield did a good job but the tweaking was a bit more radical
to compensate.

Reasonably quiet audience in the main, minor cuts to remove brief
conversations but I can't tell where they were now so its not really
noticeable. Occasional bit of russeling from ponchos in the wind!

Pye Hastings – guitar, vocals
Jim Leverton – bass
Geoffrey Richardson – guitar, viola, violin
Jan Schelhaas – keyboards
Mark Walker – drums, percussion


Memory Lain, Hugh
Golf Girl
Better Days Are to Come
Smoking Gun (Right for Me)
Dead Man Walking
I'll Be There for You
Band Intro's
Nine Feet Underground

Came out okay in the end considering the conditions.