Caribou Mountain Collective
Fox Theater
Boulder, CO

****24 Bit****

Source 1:
Schoeps Mk4(DIN)> KC5> cmc6> Lunatec V3> Tascam DR-680
Source 2:
Church Audio CA-14 omni 2’ spread> Church Audio UBB> Tascam DR-680
BOB/DFC/DIN ~9’ Recorded @24/96
SD card> Mac Mini> Audacity> FLAC> xACT
Recorded, transferred, and uploaded by Cobiwan of DiGiHoArDeRs


**first 2 songs of set missing as I wasn’t set up yet when the band came on.

01. Fire of ’53
02. One More Round
03. Dreed
04. Mr. Charlie >
05. That’s What Love Will Make You Do >
06. Mr. Charlie
07. That Ramblin’ Woman
08. No_One_Knows_Their_Faces
09. Elzic’s Farewell >
10. Sand Creek Massacre

DiGiHoArDeRs would like to dedicate this recording to the memory of Eric Vandercar; RIP