Carl Palmer Band
Jazz Cafe
London, U.K.
October 14, 2001
performance quality: B+
recording quality : B
source: 1st generation audience tape
(cassette to cassette)
runtime: just the concert: 81:36
concert and clinic 99:21
1: intro 1:48
2: hoedown 3:56
3: band introductions 1:11
4: the barbarian 6:16
5: enemy god 3:50
6: L.A. nights 7:44
7: prince in rags 13:01
8: tank 5:07
9: bullfrog 5:04
10: strike up the band 4:21
11: toccata 9:46
12: canario 4:47
13: fanfare for the common man 14:41
14: drum clinic 17:44
(Tonson Holiday Inn, U.K. Sept. 25, 1988)
this is the 1st and still only CPB show
I've heard from 2001, which may be the 1st
year of this band. they have a couple of
live albums out, Working Live Volumes 1 & 2
(seperate releases) which are from the larger venues
they've played, this was in a little club gig
and a real treat for fans to get up
close and personal with the band. I tried to
find out who is in this group but could not.
the recording is of average quality, done with
a cheap recorder but it's listenable and I think
the whole show. since it runs over 1 CD anyway
and the drum clinic track was on the tape too,
I threw it in here (it's just Carl, no band)
for a little added fanfare.
Do not sell this recording
(unless you are Carl Palmer)
Trade freely and losslessly.