Carl Palmer Band 6-2-06
IMAC Theater Huntington Long Island New York
Sharp mt770 soundpro mics mastered w/Goldwave
Tracked w/ cdwave editor converted to SHN
Taper: nycsteve

A 500 seat venue packed with not a ticket to be had for the unlucky trying to
scalp their way in. An enthusiastic crowd greeted Carl's band consisting of Paul Bielatowicz on guitar and Stuart Clayton on bass. Paul is in his mid twenties despite Carl's joke of a 16 year age.
Both players were amazing while tearing through the material. Guitar took the place of lead
Keys with admirable finess. A great performace by a master drummer and showman.

1 SHN disc Expands to 2 audio cds
D1 48:55
T1 Peter Gunn
T2 The Barbarian
T3 Hoedown
T4 Enemy god
T5 Trilogy
T6 LA Nights
T7 Pauls guitar solo
T8 Stuarts bass solo

D2 61:22
T1 Romeo and Juliet
T2 Tank
T3 Bullfrog
T4 Toccatta
T5 Canario
T6 Tarkus
T7 Fanfare with drum solo
T8 Carmina Burano