Carl Palmer Band - Milton Keynes, England 2011-12-04

Venue: The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes, England


101 Intro.flac
102 Karn Evil 9 - 1st Movement Part 2.flac
103 The Barbarian.flac
104 Hoedown.flac
105 Abaddon's Bolero.flac
106 Bitches Crystal.flac
107 Tarkus (false start).flac
108 Tarkus.flac
109 Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No 2.flac
110 William Tell Overture.flac
201 J Section.flac
202 Take A Pebble + Bass Solo.flac
203 Karelia Suite.flac
204 Pictures At An Exhibition.flac
205 Fanfare For The Common Man.flac
206 encore break.flac
207 Trilogy.flac
208 Nutrocker.flac
209 Outro.flac


Carl Palmer: drums
Paul Bielatowicz: guitar
Simon Fitzpatrick: bass


Zoom H2 (internal mic) > Goldwave > FLAC 4

I had the gain on the H2 set to medium for the gig - the times before I've been to the Stables, it hasn't been too loud. The band were loud! Realising that this may not be ideal, I changed it to low gain for the second half.

As feared, the first set (disc 1) is somewhat oversaturated. I tried to restore the wave peaks with the declipper tool in iZotope RX, but this introduced cracking sounds every thirty seconds or so, so I bailed out. To be honest, I don't think the oversaturation is detrimental - there's no significant distortion to my ears.

I tweaked the volume in Goldwave, dropping it a little on disc 1 and boosting it on disc 2 so they were better matched. I also took the opportunity to increase the volume on Carl's links, which were more-or-less inaudible, and also the first guitar solo (disc 1 track 9) which was also very quiet).