Carl Perkins
Lone Star Cafe
New York City, NY
July 12, 1988
(Two Of Us Master Series Volume 52)

Recording: Shure Mic > Sony WM-D6C

Transfer: Two Of Us Master Cassette > Nakamichi DR-01 (azimuth adjusted) > Sound Devices USBPre2 > Audacity > iZotope RX / Ozone (mastered) > Peak Pro 6 (post-production) > xACT 2.39 > FLAC

01 Got My Mojo Working
02 Boppin� The Blues
03 Matchbox
04 Sittin� On Top Of The World
05 True Love
06 Gone, Gone, Gone
07 Band Introductions
08 Everybody�s Trying To Be My Baby
09 Guitar Technique Instrumental
10 Turn Around
11 Honey Don�t
12 Honey Don�t (Reprise)
13 That�s All Right
14 Birth Of Rock & Roll
15 Rockabilly Medley
16 Blue Suede Shoes
17 Mean Woman Blues > What�d I Say Medley

Known Faults
-Got My Mojo Working: joined in progress

Welcome to Volume 52 of the "Two Of Us" Master Series.

Between 1983 and 2002 there was likely not a taper or taping duo more active than the "Two Of Us". For the better part of a decade and a half they taped over 250 artists with an array being taped multiple times.

If you collect Springsteen then you are already familiar with some of their work, "fmcleanboots" has posted a half dozen or so of their "Tunnel Of Love" tour shows but has decided to pass the baton.

What you don't know is their passion was not just for Springsteen but for music and that passion runs deep. It is astonishing how many artists they taped.

They followed tours taping club shows, theater shows, arena shows, big artists, mid-level artists and local artists. If they were following a tour and the tour had an off night they'd see who else was playing that night to tape.

Always focused on enjoyment of the show as the priority, tickets were for the most part acquired outside of the venue as they worked to obtain the best possible seats, continually trading up until the correct seats were acquired.

The results of this were the captures are uniformly excellent but on occasion the start of the show was sacrificed as a trade-off for the seats. The heavy lifting was done by the Sony WM-D6C and an external Shure Mic before moving to DAT for the last couple of years.

None of their masters have ever been circulated and have been safely stored for the past three to four decades in a climate controlled environment. Tapes transferred so far are in pristine condition.

Though we may do some mini releases of a series of shows in order for one portion of a tour for the most part shows will not be released in order, there are just too many of them.

This will be a very exciting series and we hope along the way we upgrade existing circulating audio and offer up shows that do not have any circulating audio.

We hope you enjoy the ride, this is definitely not a dark ride.


Carl Perkins @ Lone Star Cafe 1988

Volume 52 of our series captures the legendary "King Of Rockabilly", Carl Perkins, at the Lone Star Cafe.

The Lone Star Cafe was an often frequented venue for Two Of Us and as with past Lone Star Cafe releases this one is excellent quality.

Running through hit after hit, Perkins tells stories, demonstrates guitar technique and shows why he is the King Of Rockabilly.

Please note, we have extended the active Two Of Us taping years by three years to 2002. Originally it was thought they hung up the mic in 1999 but a new batch from the DAT era shows them actively taping at least through 2002 with shows from Roxy Music, Blondie, The Pretenders, Joe Strummer, Patti Smith, Lou Reed and more.

Thanks to "Two Of Us" and their dedication to capturing all these great shows as well as trusting me to be the caretaker of their work. Also, a big thank you to my friend "fmcleanboots" for putting me in touch and laying the groundwork that has resulted in this release and finally to professor goody for always being "on call" to ensure we're at the correct pitch...we've only just begun to scratch the surface.

Artwork included...

mjk5510 & Two Of Us

01 Elvis Costello 1989-08-20 Columbia, MD
02 David Bowie 1983-07-16 Hartford, CT
03 David Bowie 1983-07-18 Philadelphia, PA
04 Chuck Berry & Ron Wood 1986-06-25 NYC, NY
05 Bangles 1986-03-28 NYC, NY
06 Pretenders 1984-05-01NYC, NY
07 Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band 1989-08-04 Saratoga Springs, NY
08 Tracy Chapman 1988-11-28 NYC, NY
09 Animals 1983-11-12 NYC, NY
10 Nick Lowe & His Cowboy Outfit 1984-08-18 NYC, NY
11 Blasters 1986-07-25 NYC, NY
12 Roy Orbison 1988-07-27 NYC, NY
13 Paul McCartney 1989-08-24 NYC, NY
14 John Cale 1987-06-27 NYC, NY
15 Nick Lowe 1995-01-30 NYC, NY
16 E Street Band Presents The E Street Revue 1992-11-21 Red Bank, NJ
17 David Byrne 1993-12-23 NYC, NY
18 Dave Edmunds 1994-09-15 NYC, NY
19 Marianne Faithful 1990-10-17 NYC, NY
20 Ronnie Spector 1989-12-22 NYC, NY
21 Ronnie Spector 1989-12-23 NYC, NY
22 John Fogerty 1997-09-18 NYC, NY
23 A Christmas Gift For You 1988-12-22 NYC, NY
24 A Christmas Gift For You 1988-12-23 NYC, NY
25 Elvis Costello 1989-08-29 Holmdel, NJ
26 Bob Dylan 1997-04-20 Long Branch, NJ
27 Ronnie Spector 1990-09 NYC, NY
28 Gary US Bonds 1983-07-11 NYC, NY
29 Kinks 1993-05-13 NYC, NY
30 Bruce Springsteen 1985-01-15 Charlotte, NC
31 Blasters 1985-10-26 NYC, NY
32 Difford & Tilbrook 1989-09-23 NYC, NY
33 Elvis Costello 1984-08-18 Queens, NY
34 Joe Ely 1986-09-12 (Early) NYC, NY
35 Elvis Costello 1989-08-19 Philadelphia
36 Original Crickets w/Steve Forbert 1987-04-28 NYC, NY
37 Squeeze Acoustic 1996-07-30 NYC, NY
38 Elvis Costello 1989-08-23 Wantagh, NY
39 David Bowie 1983-07-20 Philadelphia
40 Nils Lofgren 1989-06-09 NYC
41 Nils Lofgren 1989-12-08 NYC
42 Nils Lofgren 1989-12-09 Asbury Park
43 Joe Strummer & The Latino Rockabilly War 1989-11-11 NYC
44 Willy DeVille 1986-11-21 NYC Early Show
45 Bob Dylan 1991-07-11 Jones Beach
46 Willy DeVille 1989-11-28 NYC Early & Late Show
47 Deborah Harry 1989-11-12 NYC
48 Chuck Berry 1986-10-18 NYC
49 Nick Lowe 1989-04-11 Brookville, NY
50 Nick Lowe 1989-04-13 Waltham, MA
51 Neil Young 1993-08-02 Wantagh, NY

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