Carla Olson and Mick Taylor
Huntington Beach, Ca.
March 1, 1990
aud vg

Contrast clause: Nothing showed up in a search of torrents that remotely seems confuseable with this one. Nothing showed for a search of "Carla Olson", and none of the "Mick Taylor" results seemed applicable.
Contrast clause: This is not the officially released "Too Hot For Snakes plus" by Carla Olson & Mick Taylor from Collectors' Choice Music ( The official release was recorded on March 4, 1990. I listened to all shared track titles anyway to be certain that nothing officially released is in this torrent.

Lineage: Unknown generation TDK D90 cassette from trade (tracks 1-9) and Unknown generation TDK AR90 (tracks 10-12) from trade > SONY TC-WE475 cassette recorder/player > SONY Sound Forge Studio 9.0, size: wav 630MB> tracked with CD Wave Editor> TLH > flac 361MB and an FFP file which verified.

900301A 1st March: Huntington Beach, California
01. Tuning 00:25
02. I Never Wanted To Try 3:49
03. Rescue Fantasy 5:12
04. Who Put The Sting On The Honeybee? 6:21
05. Slow Rollin' Train 6:22
06. Trying To Hold On 5:54
07. Rubies And Diamonds 5:51
08. See The Light 7:00
09. Broken Hands 5:26
10. Sway
11. You Can't Move In
12. Clean Cut Kid

MT (gtr, voc)
Carla Olson (voc, gtr)
George Callins (gtr, bvoc)
Jesse Sublett (bass, bvoc)
Rick Hemmert (dr)
Ian McLagan (org, p)
Juke Logan (harm)
Lisa Bronston (bvoc)
Phil Kenzie (sax)
Tom Junior Morgan (sax)
Barry Goldberg (p on 'Midnight Mission', org on 'Silver Train')

Credits and song titles taken from Nico's site:
The Complete Works Website
by Nico Zentgraf

A friend of ours requested that this show be upped and sent me the tape. That tape seemed muddier than the ones I had so that tape wasn't used.
The tape with the first nine tracks seems to be a partial copy that I made way back when - adding another generation to it. It was still slightly better-sounding than the tape with tracks 10-12 I think. I had also labeled it as being eaten once and never played again till this effort (it seemed to play perfectly).
To the best of my knowledge this wasn't, isn't, and is not likely to be commercially released so help me God.