Carla Thomas & Otis Clay
chicago Gospel Fest

Lineage: fm>cas(master)>wav>shn

MD5 file included

I had to about 15 minutes because the narrator was telling the history of Carla Thomas & Otis Clay,
using previously released material. The first three songs are Carla Thomas by herself with a band.
Cut 4 is Thomas & Clay. Cut 5 features Guitarist Chris Johnson. Otis Clay also introduces
the band here. Track 6 is just Otis Clay with the band.

All track titles are what I think they are. If you know different, let me know!

1. Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome (cut in) (4:42)
2. Stay in the Service of the Lord (6:01)
3. How I Love Jesus (7:40)
4. If I Could Reach Out (7:14)
5. Stop By Here (6:00)
6. When the Gates Swing Open (10:11)

Total Time: 41:51

Another great voice of Soul.