Carlene Carter
San Jose, Ca
July 7, 1991

source : aiwa cm30 > sony wmd3
transfer from master cassette
taper : littleguy
transfer : markp

01 intro
02 I Love You 'Cause I Want To
03 Come On Back
04 You Are The One
05 ?
06 Heart is Right
07 ?
08 Me And The Wildwood Rose
09 My Dixie Darlin'
10 Getting On The Train
11 Guardian Angel
12 True True// Love
13 /Cry Cry Cry
14 The Sweetest Thing
15 ?
16 One Love > Band Introductions
17 I Fell in Love
18 Hallelujah In My Heart
19 ?
20 The Leavin Side

Disc One Track01.flac:36f17aebadb314eccfb496288c3dceda
Disc One Track02.flac:8834cf55173e70d1e0482ffd2cd27d97
Disc One Track03.flac:e5e922b83ff054dedc21f6481a39b748
Disc One Track04.flac:8aca85b2a8ec9c3e0fd45019a7a39800
Disc One Track05.flac:dceb9dd0c32bc88f407bdbc23b21aa7d
Disc One Track06.flac:3aed86e43ca48d11f301f42e96ba8317
Disc One Track07.flac:553e5fb54cdc8962a9c1d9b596658724
Disc One Track08.flac:3775d9026e041db8c8632552a665866c
Disc One Track09.flac:ec2fee0127958d024ebd81a2ceecf034
Disc One Track10.flac:1608e8234d35501e6cb8ea9e462a2611
Disc One Track11.flac:f499da6b123460b0ec1ca1211e4b0be7
Disc One Track12.flac:d6b933cf0e3adc3765897e413b3053e4
Disc One Track13.flac:1aedfc0a0d2d8913ab134b48465f2dcf
Disc One Track14.flac:80e4d0d947f6b07afecd1024e1a68ef2
Disc One Track15.flac:532369e4cc68540197166d3541362e35
Disc One Track16.flac:bc3409a27defc570bef0aadcadfa8971
Disc One Track17.flac:8665a96d81125bcec30f210cc3760ef8
Disc One Track18.flac:6f16460de50481e9e2e2258f2b1a06cd
Disc One Track19.flac:67c8c084a50e9de2f50473a1296fe06a
Disc One Track20.flac:90d2ea2d14fcb8ddaf724af6429b1a0d