Carlos Johnson
2009-09-04 2nd Set
Chicago, IL
B.L.U.E.S. on Halsted

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If you dont know who Carlos Johnson is, you need to know. He is a former SOB (sons of the blues) with Billy Branch. He is one of the premiere guitarists in Chicago. When he plays, other greats come out to see him play. By definition, he is a great blues man. Reality, he is a jazzy blues player who jams better then many jam bands do. He can take a 4 minute Wilie Dixon song and turn it into 23 minute jam. He always has other top musicians play shows with him when they can. This weekend, he had Bill "The Buddha" Dickens on Bass. If you dont know who he is, his day job is being bass player for Stevie Wonder. he's amazing too. He plays this massive 7 string white bass. (See the pictures) Harmonica player Matt Skollar sat in this night too. (He learned from and played with Jr. Wells) The other musicians in the band are great in their own right and tour regularly with many major blues acts around the globe. Another great show to turn up loud and enjoy.
Carlos Johnson (January 17, 1953 - ) is an American blues guitarist and singer born in Chicago. He is left-handed, but plays a right-handed instrument upside-down like players such as Otis Rush and Albert King. Johnson is known for his aggressive playing which has attracted audiences in Chicago blue scene since the 1970s. He has played on recordings of notable musicians including Billy Branch & The Sons of Blues and Son Seals. In 1989, he made is first tour to Japan with Valerie Wellington, and caught attention of the Japanese blues fans. He revisited the country in 2004 as a supporting guitarist for Otis Rush who became unable to play the guitar due to the stroke he suffered earlier that year. These concerts helped him build a fan base in Japan. Though he has been active since the 1970s, he had to wait until 2000 to release an album under his own name. That year saw the release of his debut CD My Name Is Carlos Johnson recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina from local Blues Special label. [1] He was featured on Billy Branch 's CD Billy Branch & The Sons of Blues featuring Carlos Johnson released in 2002. Johnson also made an album as a duo with Branch titled Don't Mess with the Bluesmen in 2004. Another CD In and Out from Mr. Kelly's Records followed the same year. In 2007, he released a live album Live At B.L.U.E.S. on Halsted recorded in Chicago. He toured Japan as a solo artist in 2007 and 2009.

The band:
Carlos Johnson: Guitar/Vocals
Bill Dickens: Bass
Roosevelt Purifoy: Keyboards & Vocals
Pookie Stix: Drums

01 Intro>getting on stage>tuning>2:36
02 Mercy Mercy Mercy 15:48
03 I'll Play The Blues For You 18:08
04 A Real Mother For Ya 13:42
05 ?? 13:09
06 Carlos Talking :47
07 Every day I have The Blues 4:48
08 Carlos Intro's Matt Skollar 1:25
09 Get On Down 7:22
10 Give it up for Matt Skollar> 1:10
11 The Healing Game 17:00
12 Outro>Not quite done yet tho> 2:14
13 Instramental> 5:39

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