Love, Devotion, Surrender on tour 73
Devadip Carlos Santana- guitar
Mahavishnu John McLaughlin- guitar
Larry Young- keyboards
Doug Rauch- bass
Armando Peraza- congas
Jose Chepito Arias- congas
Billy Cobham- drums
Paramount Theater
Seattle, Wash.
September 7, 1973
runtime: (the full show)

disc 1 68:53
1: my favorite things 16:41 (maybe also some life divine?)
2: conga solo 6:54
3: drum solo 3:27
4: I'm aware of you 8:11
5: Naima 7:41
6: flame sky 26:24

disc 2 59:24
7: Taurian matador (including drum solo) 31:54
8: band introductions 1:53
9: let us go into the house of the Lord 25:35
I don't know for sure but I think the lineage of this is:
master reel > reel > my cassettes. There's not much tape
noise so it can't ge too far from the source. This is a
full monty show and all that's missing is some tuning.
whoever managed to tape this got the only full monty
Santana Mclaughlin recording I've heard other than
Chicago Sept. 1, 73. all the others I've heard are either
shorter shows and/or incomplete recordings. There's a
little too much room tone in parts of this (lower midrange)
but overall a pretty nice recording for this era and the band.
there's alot going on and it comes thrrough pretty well.
I know a life divine is a regular in these shows but I don't think
it's in here unless it's mixed in with my favorite things, but
that's a long one too. this gives an idea how much is missing in
the circulating Boston recording, which is missing most of Taurian
Matador, and Toronto which is missing most of the encore. both those
shows had a very similar setlist as this, some others varied even more.
etree lists this show at the "Arena", it's possible but most
of these shows were in theaters. this is NOT "arena rock".
(save that for foreigner, ac/dc andd fleetwood mac.)
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.