Carlos Santana & Friends (w. Tony Williams and Pharoah Sanders) - Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, 1988-03-18, Bammies 1988

It's time for the husband.

After a few shows of Pharoah Sanders with with Cindy Blackman a handful of shorties with Pharoah and her husband together on stage. There will be 3 of them - the fourth one (4-25-97 New Orleans) was alredy seeded by Fonky1 in May 2006 - if somenoe wnats to share the original flacs - please do it. There are also 2 different videos from that show - if someone has them - please seed them. My version has very poor quality.

So the first one:

Carlos Santana g
Pharoah Sanders ts
Randy Jackson b
Armando Peraza perc
Chester Thomson dr
Tony Williams dr
Caribbean All Sttars
other musicians unknown to me

1.Carlos speaks 2:42
2.Cloud Nine (Santana) 5:16
3.Masacote (Santana) 2:13
4.Mandela (Santana) 1:04
5.unknow title - Caribbean All Stras 6:09


traded CDR>PC>DIME

I file it under "Jazz" - what we hear here is sort of latin jazz