September 22, 2012
Meymandi Concert Hall
Center For The Arts
Raleigh, NC

Audience recording - section ORCH Row V, stage right

Sony PCM-M10 Linear PCM Recorder (internal mics, auto levels, highM-sensitivity mic setting) > cdwav (saved FLAC 6) > DIME > you

Perfectly delightful Friday night with the Mrs. in beautiful downtown Raleigh, NC. Please enjoy this very good capture of a warm and generous
performance by a band I've been anxious to see for a long time. Thank you again to my Mrs. for our great Mystery Date.. you certainly came up
with a good one this time hon !

We saw Rhiannon perform outdoors with the NC Symphony last summer and were stunned by her classical vocal chops that night. Tonight
we got many more styles and layers, and then you add the musical virtuousity and quick wit into the mix.... wow, what a remarkable talent.
Dom, Hubby, and Leyla all contribute mightily to this outstanding performance as well. Just a really fun night before the hometown crowd.

If you've seen the band, you know that there is a story between each tune, and I've tried to edit the tracks accordingly. Thanks to the band for
dragging these songs around G-od's Green Earth to share with everyone else... PS.. I would love to play my egg with y'all on Rose Marie sometime...

The players :

Rhiannon Giddens, violin, Banjo, and Vocals
Dom Flemons, Banjo, Guitar, Bones and Vocals
Hubby Jenkins, Banjo, Mandolin, and Vocals
Leyla McCalla, Cello, Banjo, and Vocals

** we had to split in a hurry so if there was an encore, I missed it

Set 1

01. intro and greetings
02. Black Annie
03. Milwaukee Blues
04. talk and song intro
05. Don't Get Trouble In Your Mind
06. The Divorce Song
07. talk and banjo lesson
08. Briggs' Corn Shicking Jig > Camptown Hornpipe
09. James "Boo" Hanks intro
10. Key To The Highway
11. Hubby Jenkins story and song intro
12. Last Chance
13. Rhiannon intros Leaving Eden
14. Leaving Eden
15. more talk..
16. Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad

Set 2

01. intro and tuning
02. Was You Ever In Quebec > Candy Gal
03. Dom intros next song
04. Boodle De Bum Bum
05. Rhiannon intros next song
06. Country Girl
07. Leyla intros her song
08. Rose Marie
09. another song intro
10. Polly Put Your Kettle On
11. intro to Scottish Gaelic songs
12. Scots Gaelic songs
13. next song intro
14. Old Corn Likker
15. intro to Jackson
16. Jackson
17. Rhiannon intros next tune
18. Hit 'Em Up Style
19. intro to Hi Ho
20. Hi Ho Fiddle I Day

??. encore(s) missing....

** if there was an encore, I missed it...