Carolina Story
7th Street Entry
Minneapolis, MN

-Audience Recording using Zoom H2 rear internal mics >SD Card>PC>Adobe Audition>CD Wave Editor (split tracks)>TLH>FLAC Level 8
-"A "MN Gneiss" recording"
-Feel free to re-master, share on any other torrent site, convert to MP3, just never ever sell it. Also, if you like this show, why not support the artist by buying their music?


1. ?
2. Weight
3. ?
4. ?
5. Busy And Lonely
6. Sioux City
7. ?
8. ?
9. The Shrinking Middle Class Jamboree
10. Strut
11. ?

Carolina Story

1. Lonely Without You
2. We Were Young Once Too
3. Gold
4. You Who Makes the Storm Break
5. Set In Stone
6. Lay Your Head Down
7. Rich Man
8. Untitled (new song)
9. When I Was Just a Boy
10. When Will I See You Again
11. Let Me Rock Let Me Roll

Carolina Story never said no to a gig. A bar, a church, a theater, a nursing home: the duo––made up of husband and wife Ben and Emily Roberts––crisscrossed the country for a decade, building a sprawling grassroots fanbase enamored with the pair’s smart, self-penned, harmony-laden Americana. Today, their new album Lay Your Head Down is a highly anticipated full-length debut on Black River. They’ve graced the Grand Ole Opry stage many times, won over critics, and inked a record deal.

Today, life is Ben and Emily’s shared dream come true. But getting here wasn’t easy.

Margot is a six-piece Americana rock band from Minneapolis. Their songs harken back to the socially conscious folk music of the 60s and 70s, seeking to reexamine what it means to be a person in this strange, wonderful world.