Carolyn Wonderland
Santa Cruz American Music Festival
Aptos Village Park
Aptos, Ca
May 28,2016

Recorded by Daspyknows
Orchestra Pit 12th row dead center

Schoeps MK4/NBox Platinum Tascam DR-2D 24 Bit 48K

Processed using Soundforge 11, resample, to 16bit 44.1K
TLH to convert to Flac

Master 2016.20

SETLIST-Need help


This is the third time for me at this festival. As last year one day looks great
and the other meh. I left my house at 5:30 AM and arrived at 7:15. Found parking
nearby and got to the line. The 2 1/2 passed and doors opened. No issues and got
myself the center seat in the 12th row. Carolyn Wonderland came on at 11. The
music started and the group right behind carried on a loud conversation. It was bad
when I could hear one side of the conversation on my left ear and the other side out
of my riht ear. Finally I turned around during the music and told them to sftu. It
was rude, do people go to the movies and carry on a conversation? There was more
drama with this group later on that I will get to. I wasn't familiar with Carolyn
Wonderland but I enjoyed her set. She has a bit of a Janis vibe and ended with a Janis
song. At the end of the set the group behind me left and four others took the seats.
The band Indigenous came on. This was a Native American band influenced by Jimi and
Stevie Ray. They were really good and finally finished up with some Jimi. After the
set I did the bathroom run and when I come back the original group behind me is back.
They made a scene and kicked out the people and I heard them saying they went for lunch
and how could someone steal their seats. They left little or nothing on the seats so
how could the new group know. Robert Randolph came out and put on an excellent but
short set. I have seen them a few times and really enjoy their energy. Next up is
Trombone Shorty to give the crowd a taste of the New Orleans sound. I saw them once a
few year back at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. They blew me away and I knew I needed to see
them again. Its been a few years and they did not disappoint. The group behind me left
after this set and a new group arrived. They were a bit louder and can be heard laughing
at Buddy Guy's comments during the set. For me, the reason I was in attendance was to see
Buddy Guy again. He is getting up there in years and is the last of his era. He is
getting more like BB King where he plays less but tells more stories. Even so it is a
treat to see and hear him play guitar. Tracking his show is challenging since is lots of
partial songs but I did the best I could.

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