the Cars
Ric Ocasek: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Elliot Easton: guitar
Gregg Hawkes: keyboards
Ben Orr: lead vocals, bass (R.I.P.)
David Robinson: drums

Paradise Theater (it's really a club, always has been)
Boston, Mass.
July 1, 1978
promoting their debut album "the Cars"
FM broadcast (stage intro and intro music- horn honking that is, are missing,
recording begins with the sound of a car crash that opens the show)
runtime: 52:23 (minutes/seconds)

1: (let the) good times roll 3:46
2: bye bye love 4:17
3: nightspots 4:20
4: my best friend's girl 3:42
5: moving in stereo 5:20
6: I'm in touch with your world 3:42
7: they won't see you 3:55 (end spliced, tape flip)
8: take what you want 5:13
9: you're all I've got tonight 4:18
10: just what I needed 3:24
11: encore babble (cuts) :43
12: don't cha stop 3:36
13: encore break 2:03
14: hotel queenie 3:09
15: radio announcer :52
unknown receiver and cassette deck >
AGFA 90 min. 1st gen. cassette, (dolby B on) >
played on tascam 112 with dolby B on into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
* from the *** NEVINSRIP *** collection *
this is the Cars recorded on their 1st national headlining tour
less than a month after their 1st album had been released.
it is the whole show except for the leadin intro music
(which is basically a boston traffic jam of cars,
the kind with wheels and especially horns, not these cars,
since boston is famous for its awful traffic jams,
not the kind with Steve winwood in them either.)
some of the encore break radio babble, and a brief tape flip after
"they won't see you" and before "take what you want" starts.
no music was missed for the tape flip.
this is probably recorded from a re-broadcast since it is
recorded from a WNEW-NY FM broadcast.
the show was originally broadcasted live as it happened on WBCN in Boston.
only one song in here (nightspots) is from their 2nd album, "Candy-O".
some of them were only available (studio versions, not from this concert)
as demos until the 1999 expanded edition reissue of their 1st album.
except for a 2011 album (Move like This) and a couple of years touring in 2005-06 with
Todd Rundgren as lead singer, (and without Orr or Ocasek)
the Cars have been the same original 5 piece band (from 1977-1987).
as of this upload, the band's last concert took place at the House of Blues in
the Cars hometown of Boston on May 26, 2011.