The Cars
Chicago, Illinois

Source: CA14 Cardioids > Sony PCM-M10 > WAV > SoundForge > FLAC
Taper: Discopij

Track Listing:
1.Good Times Roll
2.Blue Tip
3.Up And Down
4.My Best Friend's Girl
5.Keep On Knocking
6.You Might Think
8.Moving In Stereo
9.Sad Song
10.Just What I Needed
12.Let's Go
13.You're All I've Got Tonight

Notes: Excited to get a chance to finally see these guys live, even if the lineup wasn't complete. Other than some below average vocals (My Best Friend's Girl and Let's Go come to mind), the band sounded great. The Cars hit the stage at 4:00, great for a sunny afternoon set, and just in time to avoid the massive downpours that hit the festival soon afterward. Enjoy!