This show was posted by lillian in May '05, then by thereds in May '08, then by foomoo in Sept. '09. lillian's contained the filler tracks from a Netherlands FM broadcast, the other two did not. Which made me wonder...

Unfortunately, "Back Of Your Head" was officially released on "Moon Pix.'' And "Nude As The News" was officially released on a 7" that came with Spunk magazine, Issue 6. I do not believe anything else here has been released commercially. So I had to remove those filler tracks. Too bad. They were nice.

I presume foomoo, a bigger fan than me, wrote in the upload citation in '09, "Another great show by Cat Power back in the day. Has some great rarely played songs on this one (Only covered 'In a Trance Like-State' a few times along with 'Time Is on My Side' and 'Schizophrenia's Weighted Me Down'), which is half her own song, and a little bit of Sonic Youth's 'Schizophrenia.' Some great early performances of some songs that would end up on Moon Pix, which she recorded 10 months later in January 1998 in Australia. As you can expect, back then she didn't always finish her songs or she would just continue on strumming into the next song without stopping to let the audience clap, so expect some of that. ALSO, if you are wearing headphones at a high volume level or in your car listening to this show at a high volume level, be aware that the taper or someone nearby coughs VERY LOUD several times throughout the beginning of the show. So that's just a caution. Also, this is a solo show. No band. Back when she was touring the 'What Would the Community Think' album she never had a band with her, not until Moon Pix came out. She did, however, have a band with her before 'What Would the Community Think' and 'Myra Lee' came out when she was playing bars and lounges before 'Dear Sir' came out (her first studio album)."

Yes, foomoo speaks the truth.

Cat Power
Mercury Lounge
New York City, NY USA
March 7, 1997

Source: "AUD > ? > CDR > EAC > FLAC"

CD 1:
01. Moonshiner
02. 3 Times
03. Time Is On My Side
04. No Sense
05. unknown
06. Bathysphere
07. Top Expert
08. American Flag
09. Back Of Your Head
10. Nude As The News
11. Bathysphere
12. Schizophrenia Has Weighted Me Down

Filler: VPRO Radio
Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 7, 1996

xx. Back Of Your Head
xx. Nude As The News

Total time = 47:17