CAT POWER - 1999-05-14 - WWU, Bellingham, WA, US [Soundboard]

Cat Power
(Chan Marshall, solo)
Viking Union Hall
Western Washington University
Bellingham, Washington State, U.S.A.
14th May 1999
(2 sets, one on piano, the other on acoustic guitar, both soundboard recordings)

This sounds more like an analogue recording (as opposed to DAT, e.g.) originally, as there is some very slight hiss in the quiet bits, and some noticeable clipping here and there, and also some slight "automatic recording level" type strangeness very occasionally that might be expected if an original analogue audio tape had been recorded too loud originally - but really not so much as might detract from anyone's enjoyment of the music.

Known lineage (conversion to FLAC - originals contained one track [the whole set in each case] per CD-R) :-

Each traded CD-R -> EAC -> WAV -> Medieval Cue Splitter app -> WAV's (track splitting) -> FLAC 8 & .ffp

I'm pretty sure that the trader I originally got these 2 CD-R's from about 12 or more years ago must have got them the wrong way round, in that he marked the disk with the piano set as 'disk 1', whereas from what Chan Marshall says at the end of that set ("I hope you enjoy the rest of the movie", "thanks for coming", etc.) it surely must have been the 2nd set and not the first set. But I've kept the two sets as separate, marking the first with track numbers "101 -", "102 -" etc. and the other with "201 -", "202 -" etc.. in any case, because the two sets together last nearly 85 minutes in total, meaning that it would not be possibly to safely burn both sets to a single 80-minute CD-R even with 'overburning' enabled.

Setlists :-

Guitar set (original disk #2) :

01 - To Be A Good Woman
02 - Satisfaction
03 - Kingsport Town
04 - Naked If I Want To
05 - The Leopard And The Lamb
06 - The Ocean
07 - Sweedeedee [end cuts off]
08 - Keep On Running (Crawling Black Spider)
09 - Sea Of Love [strange edit at start/possible cut-in?]
10 - King Rides By

Length = 40 mins 50 secs

Piano set (original disk #1) :

01 - In This Hole
02 - Wild Is The Wind
03 - I Found A Reason
04 - (Don't) Let Sadness Be Attached To Your Name
05 - Paths Of Victory
06 - Red Apples / Never Doubting
07 - Carry On

Length = 43 mins 45 secs approx.

Quite a few of the songs included in these 2 sets are cover versions, but none of the original songwriting etc. attributions are included in the tracklistings above, instead, for quite a lot of them, please see this web page :-