This was a request. lillian posted this show in May '05. This was Chan's first show after a bunch of shows were canceled the month before because of a hand injury.

The recording seems like a close capture but it does have its warts. It appears to a solo show and, if you are familiar with her concert appearances, you won't be surprised that Chan ends songs abruptly or interrupts them. It's one of her unpolished shows. I think I've seen six shows of Chan's in total and all were pre-2005 and all were like this. I suspect she was still drinking then and she didn't stop drinking 'til later - so I have never seen the sober, more professional style about which audiences speak. But I still like her voice and I still listen to tapes of her shows.

Neither audio nor tracking was changed and I can't swear by the complete accuracy of the setlist.

Cat Power
The Middle East
Cambridge, MA USA
March 3, 2002

Source: Unknown audience recording. "AUD > ? > CD-R > EAC > FLAC."

CD 1:
01. Half of You
02. ?
03. Troubled Waters
04. The Party
05. Kingsport Town (aborted)
06. Kingsport Town
07. Come up in My Kitchen
08. Funny Things
09. The Party
10. Sophisticated Lady
11. Ordinary Life
12. Ordinary Life > Everyone Says They Know You

CD 2:
01. Rebel
02. Babydoll
03. Up & Gone
04. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
05. Nude as the News
06. Schizophrenia's Weighted Me Down
07. Bathysphere / Back of Your Head
08. Say
09. Moonshiner
10. Love to be Silly
11. Wonderwall
12. Fool
13. Knocking on Heaven's Door
14. Knocking on Heaven's Door (continued)
15. (noise)
16. Rockets
17. Colors & the Kids
18. (nothing)
19. Freebird
20. (applause)

Total time = 112:12